Iana Angelova Gaidarski,
hudson river n.9: train window,
Monoprint, oil, 15''x 22''



"Train Window" is a limited edition, signed, numbered, and dated 15" x 22" giclée print on archival cotton paper. Only 10 will be released.

hudson river n.9: train window

  • The Hudson River series consists of photographs, gauche studies, monoprints, and oil paintings; all inspired by a train ride to the Dia Beacon from New York City which runs along the charming Hudson River Valley.

    Iana illustrates the paradox of time—it begins, it ends, it flows, it’s an illusion—by contrasting the still permanence of the frozen winter landscape with the fleeting impression through the train window of the passenger to emphasize the truth in both perceived absence of time and forward flow of time.

    The works are timescapes, landscapes with past and past present events located simultaneously in space.